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Harness the power of nature's most abundant resource. Turn sunlight into sustainable savings.

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Revolutionizing the solar industry

We make solar simple.

At Nitro, we provide a quick and seamless way to get started with solar. We offer many options that can best fits your needs.

1. Introduction

Meet with a Nitro team member who will outline all options available to you.

2. Inspection

A survey will be done at no cost to you as the homeowner. We will inspect your roof and create a design best suited for your house.

3. Design

You, as the homeowner, will approve the design; once approved, your home will be scheduled for installation.

4. Installation

The certified crews will install your rooftop solar panels.

5. Approval

A final inspection where you will be given permission to begin using your system.

Exclusive in-house financing

Flexible solar plans.

Contact us to find out which plan is best for you.

Solar purchase.
Owning the system will eliminate your monthly power bill. Solar panels will have a variety of warranty and maintenance options.
Solar lease.
A solar system is leased to you for no upfront money. Panels will be maintained to ensure proper efficiency.
Solar loan.
Finance the solar panels for an affordable monthly payment. Panels will be maintained to ensure proper efficiency.
Solar ppa.
No upfront cost and pay a reduced rate for electricity produced by solar panels. Locked in utility rate along with maintenance of the panels ensuring they are producing efficiently.
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Let us help you save money.
Start your journey with Nitro Energy.

Backed by years of industry experience and ready to help you throughout the entire process.

We approach the solar industry as something that adds to our lives and adds value to world.

We believe that solar energy is not just a solution for today, but a long-term investment in our planet's future. By harnessing the power of the sun, we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving finite natural resources, and making a lasting impact on global sustainability.


Solar system installs

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$1.9 million

Utility cost savings

We’re proud that our customers have saved over $1.9 million in utility costs.


Satisfied customers

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Here what others have to say

We have worked with thousands of amazing people.

"Nitro made the entire process of installing our solar panels simple and easy. We had an extremely pleasant experience with them. Simple, responsive, informative, and brilliantly executed."

Sandy M.
Utah Solar Customer

"An absolutely flawless experience. I would have put solar in earlier had I known about their services earlier! My biggest worry was not knowing who to go with. They did all the research and calculations for us."

Stephen G.
California Solar Customer

"Nitro Energy made selecting a system for our home easy. The company and their reps were professional and courteous. We enjoyed working with them. I love my new solar panels."

Cynthia K.
Florida Solar Customer

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